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Life is tough, no doubt about it. But massage can provide relief from the stress, tension, fatigue, and pain that results from a hard day. OMG can deliver that relief to you.

Who this is ideal for:

- A business owner or manager looking to gift your employees with a reward for such hardwork

- A coach of a sports team looking to promote better health and performance

- A walker, runner, or biker for a charitable cause

- Get creative! Anyone alive today, among the stresses of daily life will be surely grateful to receive a massage


 Below are a couple events I've had the pleasure to help orchestrate

Here is a job in July of 2014 for the North Texas Food Bank where we went to 3 different campuses to provide relaxation and relief for the hundreds of employees.

They are going to have us back every quarter to make sure all of their employees receive their just reward for making Texas a better place to live in.

Here's one of my massage teams, me in the middle, working our buns off at the MS 150 bike ride back in May of 2014

We must have given 50 massages in one day! They kept rollin in and we kept workin out


Contact Justin Matthews to book an event!


Event Options

1. Clients pay as they go. $1 a minute.

2. Clients receive free massage. Organizer pays a discount price for anywhere from 2-7 hours of on-site massage

3. Charity event. Such as the MS 150 above. A donation bucket will be placed on-site for especially happy clients.

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