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5 Essential Desk Stretches

When you are on the desk, your shoulders are in flexion and internal rotation and for most people, elevation, your wrists are in pronation, and your neck will tighten up to keep it steady. Your chest assists with flexion and stabilization. 

Here’s how you unwind those muscular actions:

  1. Shoulder Pull Down – Unwinds the elevation. Great for stretching Trapezius and Levator Scapula
  2. Neck Asterisk – 8 Directions – Draw an Asterisk w/ your neck
  3. Flying Chin – Unwinds internal rotation of the shoulder and pronation of the hands. Hands on back of hips, roll shoulders back, bring bent elbows towards each other and extend head backwards
  4. Chest Opener – Unwind the chest. Put both palms on desk a little wider than shoulder width. Stand out with straight arms, feet together, and bend into
    Alternate – Stand up straight, interlace fingers behind your head. Lean back and widen your elbows as much as possible
  5. Bend Over Shoulder Extension – Unwinds flexion of the shoulder. Provides extension for the shoulder – Turn around if you are afraid people might be taking a peak at the goods.
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