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Guidance - 5 Posture Pitfalls


Posture Pitfalls

The first step to intelligently solving any problem is realization

I’m coming to you today with the premise that “sometimes awareness alone is curative”

Once a principle of a healthy lifestyle becomes psychoactive, you’ll start noticing when you engage in life in unhealthy ways.

Improper posture stresses ligaments, joint capsules, neuronal structures, and muscles.

Insidiously Unhealthy Postures are those that are comfortable in the short-term, but painful and damaging in the long-term. 

  1. Chilling out on your side on your elbow
  2. Chilling out on both elbows – Lazy cobra - Shy turtle
  3. Hip rock havoc
  4. Sleeping on your side
  5. Slouching
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