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Hey there. My name's Alekzandr, formerly known as Justin. I legally changed my name because I wanted something with more depth and at least remotely close to as cool a name as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. So now, I am Alekzandr Veritas Apokalypto, which means "Defender of mankind by revealing truth"

Some of the most important truths will be found in my forthcoming book, The Healthy Lifestyle Manual, which is a fundamental stress management system to help people relieve stress, pain, tension, disease, etc.

When I'm not hunting down the various truths, I'm usually busy fixing things up around the house, preparing healthy meals while listening to the intellectual dark web, rock climbing, jogging, or hanging with friends, or working on my music career. Check out my debut album: Exploring the Elements                           

I am the Founder of OMG, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Lifestyle Guide here in the DFW area

I get asked all the time why I got into the profession, and honestly, I got into Massage not knowing anything about it, and really just doing it because it sounded COOL! Senior year in high school, a trade school recruiter came into my English class with a list of careers...everything from Engineer to Lawyer to Doctor or Electrician, etc. etc. blah blah, but when my eyes landed on Massage Therapist, I got a spark. I remember having a vision... with each of my arms around a beautiful girl and money raining down from the sky!....And as every 17 year old is, incredibly narrow-minded and raging with hormones...That was all the motivation I needed.

But it didn't take long before I learned just how useful a skill Massage is, and how NEEDED it is amongst the go-go-go, fast-paced, rat race society we live in. The so-called "yin" energy (associated with ease and calm) is often deficient among the general populace. And for that, a good reminder of how wonderful it is to bliss out is not only therapeutic, but can be life-changing, since "touch" is the most intimate of all the senses, and thus can affect change in the mood and mode of being; mental, emotional, and physical. Pair that with some serious know-how of the anatomy and physiology, and we've got ourselves an amazingly impactful and rewarding service =)

And with that, I was destined to become a Massage Nerd. Dozens of Continuing Education classes to gather and cultivate all the skills I can offer today, but my favorite so far is the 120 hour Professional Orthopedic Massage Therapist Certification by Whitney Lowe. The guy is a veritable Massage Scientist. And he helped me thoroughly understand the physiological processes that create and relieve stress and pain in our bodies.

My initial training began with ATI Career Training Center. Nothing special, except how expensive it was lol. $10K. Woof. But thank the force, and mom, for helping me with the cost! Upon graduation, I battled depression and suicidal thoughts due to a sense of low self-worth and the subsequent inability to land a job. Because I had loved ones, I pushed on, and many thanks to tony robbins for the wisdom that helped me through. I can happily say that I have never gone that low since, and I am committed to helping others off that same precipice. 

I eventually landed a job at a chair massage set-up in the North East Mall for 8 months, working with the torturous asian-folk who really knew how to jam an elbow into someone, learned so much from them with accupressure points, but then injected some relaxing Caucasian energy into it as well.

After being falsely accused of stealing money (he was sore from someone doing that at another location), I saved up and quickly moved on to work at Massage Envy for 4 years. I've now been my own boss for almost 9 years. I maintained a spot at Whole Foods in Arlington for 8 years, providing chair massage for regulars and newbies every week. I’ve been working for various chair massage event companies for years such as Massage On the Go, Infinite Massage, Massage Integration, Health and Fitness Concepts, and I’ve been steady with Soothe and Zeel in-home table massage for years now, which allowed me to officially say goodbye to my spot at Whole Foods. Woo!

I believe in a constant and consistent search for truth, knowledge, and masterful skill level in the things I value highly, so that I can understand and provide a comprehensive, yet simple service that makes a powerful impact on people's lives for the better.

I persevere with massage because I am passionate about understanding, teaching, and helping people to reach the fullest potential that a human possibly can. (Hint: This has more to do with balance than being the best) It's my mission to show people how their life can be one of joy, peace, and love, free from all of the unnecessary distresses that bog down their fulfillment. I believe that this is done through mastery of many areas, which is achieved with an understanding of what environment, thoughts, and actions create such abundant health.


I am an active guy with many hobbies, such as rock climbing, ninja warrior, parkour, writing/playing music, singing, authoring, dancing and much more. Having all these hobbies makes burnout a constant threat. I am hyper aware of how important regular maintenance of the body and mind are. I am very interested in the areas of human behavior, epistemology, full-potentiality, and life mastery, where I research EXTENSIVELY and love to bring it all together into a coherent, cohesive system for living, so that this life can flow as a master pianist can play Moonlight Sonata :)

Alekzandr Apokalypto, LMT, LsG
Author of the Forthcoming book "The Healthy Lifestyle Manual - A Fundamental Stress Management System"

Want more!? Check out this interview ShoutOut DFW did with me a while back. Some of it is recap of the above info, but most is new.

License Information:

  • State: TX
  • Type: Massage Therapist
  • Status: Active
  • Number: MT108559
  • Issue Date: 03/17/2009
  • Expiration Date: 06/30/2024







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